Collecting Rent Payments Online

Collecting rent, writing receipts, updating tenant payment histories, and delivering overtime notices are time-consuming tasks. For property management companies and landlords, online rent payment solutions eliminate the necessity to by hands collect rent payments and manage the attached bookkeeping and documents. Electronic rent collection solutions give a convenient, fast, and secure approach to managing each one of these tasks, and even more. Online rent payment solutions could save you serious amounts of can considerably reduce the number recently payments.

With internet rent payment solutions, apartment community websites may be customized to simply accept online payments from tenants along with the funds are instantly deposited, thus eliminating the necessity to prepare checks for deposit making a holiday to a bank. Landlords and managers might also select multiple accounts to cope with deposits for several characteristics individually. Additionally, with seamless integration to landlord/property keeper, tenant payment histories are immediately updated and created for review and landlords can monitor monthly rent collection activity in solid-time.

Landlords can utilize features including tenant information updates, property information updates, and tenant email notifications. Options include email notification of rent payment and late fee schedules, overtime notifications, policy updates, along with the latest property and association updates. Landlords and property management companies may also list vacancies, accept applications online, and collect application charges and security deposits digitally.

With twenty-four hour access, tenants will understand the simplicity online rent payment. The process is secure, easy, and takes only minutes. There are numerous payment options – atm cards, charge cards, or e-checks. In addition, tenants can choose to create one-time regular bills or setup automatic payments using debit and bank cards. Tenants receive all transaction receipts via email, along with other property management notifications. Tenants may also update their name and telephone number information, view their payment history, and send maintenance demands.

Online rent payment solutions give landlords and property managers the reassurance knowing rent collection is efficient, easy, and secure. Manual rent collection systems are time-consuming and, according to the amount of characteristics involved, usually takes 2 to 3 days each month. With internet rent collection solutions, landlords and property managers can spend now on other important tasks.

Getting began is easy. Simply register then when the ownerOrhome manager bank card charge card credit card merchant account is activated, electronic rent collection can start. For reassurance, privacy and security are maintained inside the finest levels, protecting stored or transmitted information whatsoever occasions. Online rent collection solutions are affordable and presently available.

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